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Early childhood intervention infoline

The Early Childhood Intervention Infoline is a telephone service for families who have questions about their child’s development or who have a child who has been diagnosed with a disability.  It is also a resource for professionals working with families of children with additional needs. 
What is Early Childhood Intervention?

Early Childhood Intervention is a term used to describe a range of services designed to assist parents of young children (generally 0-6 years) with developmental concerns or delays, or diagnosed disabilities.

Services include medical assistance, therapy, education and allied health (physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers, doctors, psychologists and more). Early intervention services can be offered in clinics, via home visits, through groups and in early childhood settings.

How can the Early Childhood Intervention Infoline help?

The Early Childhood Intervention Infoline provides information, referral, general support and counselling from our professional team.

Calls will be answered directly by a qualified counsellor who can talk to you about:
• How you are feeling and coping with your family’s situation
• Where to go if you have questions about your child’s development
• The implications of a diagnosis for you, your child and your family
• How to help children learn new skills and manage their behaviour
• What kind of services you are already linked in with and options for further support in your local area

Our staff will talk through each caller’s individual situation and provide counselling, information and help to generate solutions which fit each family. 
Early Childhood Intervention Infoline brochure.

We have separate brochures available on the Early Childhood Intervention Infoline and the main Parent Line service. You can order brochures and other promotional materials by using our online order form or calling the main Parent Line number 1300 1300 52.