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What you can talk about

Parent Line receives calls from parents, carers and professionals who with questions or concerns about a child or young person. We cover the full range of issues from a child’s birth right through to when they are 18 and become young adults. You can call us to talk about any concerns that you may have, however with some medical and legal issues we may suggest an alternative service to make sure that you get the best advice possible.

Some of the more common things that people call about are:

  • The physical, emotional and social development of infants, children and young people.
  • Questions about infant care, such as concerns about feeding, settling and child care.
  • Concerns about the best ways to manage children's behaviour.
  • Concerns about relationships, including between parents and children, children and their siblings and between children and their peers.
  • School issues such as bullying, behavioural issues and school refusal.
  • Dealing with parenting transitions such as becoming a step-family, parenting after separation and moving house or schools.
  • Questions and concerns about adolescent development and adolescent parenting challenges such as cyber-bullying, sexual behaviour and drug and alcohol misuse.

We also support parents and carers with serious issues such as domestic violence and parental substance use and how these impact on children.

If you have concerns about the wellbeing of a child, we can talk to you about:p>

  • Ways to prevent children being harmed
  • What child abuse is and what to do about it
  • How to identify when a child is at risk of harm
  • How to talk to and support a parent or family when you think a child is at risk of harm
  • Options for professional support

We cannot record or investigate reports of risk of harm to a child, or intervene directly. If you are aware of a child or young person who has been harmed or is at risk of immediate or ongoing significant harm, please contact the Department of Community Services Helpline on 132 111.